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A series of posters, each with the header “Seizure First Aid” and the footer “Join the Fight. Source: www.epilepsyfoundation.org

The list of advice reads:

Keep calm and reassure other people who may be nearby.

Don’t hold the person down or try to stop his or her movements.

Time the seizure with your watch.

Clear the area around the person of anything hard or sharp.

Put something soft (folded sweatshirt) under their head.

DO NOT try to force open their mouth with anything hard or your finger!

Turn the person gently onto one side. This will help keep the airway clear.

Stay with the person until the seizure has ended naturally.

Be friendly and reassuring as consciousness returns.

Offer to call a friend, relative, or taxi to help the person get home if they need assistance.







Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

This is so important!

So many people don’t understand how to react to a seizure. This is important.

God only knows how many times I’ve done this and how many people I really wish knew this to have helped me as a little girl.

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Who else loves Paily? Go Paily shippers like the post and leave comment. x

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"Hey Paige, it’s me. I heard what happened to you, in the locker room. I should have called you sooner. I’m sorry if this was because of what you told me about Mona, which I think it was. I’m sorry I put you in the middle of all this."

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This is basically what it’s like to be an adult.

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Paige McCullers + “Em”

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